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  • New Camo Heritage Tip-ups!

  • Customizable to Match Your Style

  • A Variety Of Colors and Sizes Available

  • A Range of Color Options for Pack Liners

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Our Products

Choose from a variety of handcrafted pack baskets made in Maine by Native American craftsmen using Wabanaki basket making techniques that have been passed down through generations over centuries.



We offer a variety of accessories to help you customize your basket to fit your needs and preferences.   


Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our baskets. Our Synthetic pack baskets have a lifetime warranty. Watch this video to find out just how strong our baskets are! 



Timeless Craftsmanship

Loring Pack Basket is a family owned and operated business in Old Town, Maine. Learn more about our history and how our baskets are made.

What our customers have to say about their Loring Pack Basket

  • "The basket is very comfortable to wear and it meets all airline carry-on and overhead restrictions!"
  • "As an avid outdoorsman, I use my Loring Pack Basket for a number of activities including trapping, ice fishing, hunting, and camping."
  • "This synthetic pack basket is by far the strongest and most maintenance free back pack I have ever owned."
  • "I like that the detachable waterproof inner liner keeps my items dry, yet the outer shell allows for water to drain through."
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