The pack baskets that Loring Pack Basket make are the best in the business. Being a professional trapper, I need the tools that will not only work but will last. This basket gives me the functionality and durability that I am looking for on my trap line!

No other basket on the market comes close to the Loring Pack basket!

Durable, light, convenient and trustworthy... that is what makes the Loring Pack basket the best you can get!

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“I just finished my Exploration North America project were I traveled across the country photographing and filming big game and hunts. The Loring Pack Basket was a trusted friend along the way. It’s seemingly simple design has several advantages over traditional backpacks.  

The Pack Basket’s heavy-woven outer shell was sturdy enough to protect my valuable camera/video equipment (fits a standard professional camera bag and tripod!), yet flexible enough to absorb a slip and fall without hurting my back.  I liked that the detachable waterproof inner liner kept my items dry, yet the outer shell allowed for water to drain through. Wane and I strapped a basket on the back of his ATV while Moose hunting the deep timbers of Maine and we beat it over rocks, logs, thick brush, mud, and standing water. This basket is comfortable to wear and meets all the challenges facing a serious hunter, trapper, fisherman, or outdoor enthusiast. Better yet, it meets all airline carry-on and overhead restrictions!

This is a one-time investment that can’t be compromised if you’re a roughneck. Don’t play around – order a Loring Pack Basket and get your ‘outdoors’ on!

Scott Cummings, Exploration North America

Dear Loring Pack Basket Company,

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful products. As an avid outdoorsman I use your packs for a number of activities that include beaver trapping, ice fishing, hunting and camping. Your traditional styled synthetic pack basket is by far the strongest and maintenance free pack I have ever owned. Traditional ash pack baskets although very aesthetically pleasing and useful are prone to damage from being constantly exposed to water and hard use. Your synthetic packs are mirror images of these traditional Indian ash pack baskets but because of the materials you use to produce these baskets I feel that they are virtually indestructible.

Beaver trapping is generally hard on a basket due to the amount of weight carried and the constant exposure to ice and water. Hunting and Ice fishing can also expose a pack to these same conditions. I have used one of your synthetic packs exclusively for all of these activities for several years now. This pack has taken a pounding on all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, boats and canoes during this time period. I have used this pack while hunting to pack out an entire bull moose, it has carried traps, beavers and many other items. I have used your pack and carried it many times to my camp 15 miles on snowmobile. On one of these occasions your pack was carried in a snowmobile tag sled that was heavily loaded with gear for camp. Once I unloaded the sled I noticed the pack had a large dent with paint from the handle of my ice auger worn right onto the synthetic material. Although the pack showed that it had been abused severely on this ride none of the items inside were damaged. The paint washed off with a little elbow grease and a common household cleaner. The dent was easily popped out returning the pack to its normal shape. Thanks again for such a great product.

Timothy Gould
Old Town, Maine

Dear Mr. Loring,

This pack basket that I purchased from you a year or so ago has been through hell an back!
My girlfriend an I along with two others, were returning from ice fishing on a very cold day in February. We had all of our gear in a sled behind my snowmobile. We were heading back to the truck, the sun was going down fast an we wanted get off the lake, well we were going about forty when we hit some slush, throwing the sled an all our gear slamming onto the ice. The ice auger that was in the sled smashed into the pack basket that I used to carry my tip-ups, there was gear all over the ice! I though the pack was broken, as this had happened to me years ago with a wooden pack that was no longer useful after a crash , but your pack held up with out even as much as a scratch! This pack has fallen off the tailgate of my truck, fell off my four wheeler while trapping an just general abuse an it`s just like new! Could you send me info on your new pack baskets?


We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Synthetic Baskets.
If anything goes wrong with the basket will we fix it or replace it, at our discretion, minus shipping.